Orlando Exhibit Builder Guide to Sizes

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Orlando Exhibit Builder Guide to Exhibit Sizes

Orlando Trade Show Company fields requests from exhibitors, whether first time or seasoned pros, who already have their exhibit raw space and are looking for custom, custom modular, or modular exhibits. We would recommend that our clients take a step back in the process and contact our staff prior to booking your exhibit space. Why? As a premier Orlando exhibit builder, we know the shows our clients are looking for representation at, we know the competition, and chances are we will be delivering several other booths at the same time as yours and understand the floorplan.

Let us help you choose your raw space, to build out the exhibit that best meets your marketing end goals and meets the ROI on your show investment. Each of our exhibit spaces is made to your exact brand guidelines and is designed and fabricated locally in Orlando. When your marketing calls last minute for extra LED screens or lighting, our headquarters are minutes away from the leading exhibitor halls. These are just some of the reasons we are one of the leading exhibit houses in Orlando and offer premier turnkey service to our clients. Below is one of many guides we will be releasing for our clients. The Orlando Exhibit Builder Guide series should help you decide what booth size is right for you based on your trade show goals. Feel free to call one of our representatives for a consultation.

10 x 10 Exhibit

The 10 x 10 Exhibit is ideal for a first time exhibitor with a budget of around $15,000. We do not recommend showing with a smaller budget. The 10 x 10 Exhibit offers lighting, high resolution graphics, one seating configuration, branded welcome desk, LED wall integration, a demonstration space, and one small furniture grouping. All of our exhibits are equipped with custom flooring. What industries benefit from the 10 x 10 exhibit? Orlando 10 x 10 Exhibits are great for smaller audio visual companies at InfoComm, single product lines, and information technology. We have seen 10 x 10 exhibits get over 130 qualified leads, so do not discredit this popular size. Less is more in the 10 x 10, focus on clean visual marketing, and lead up marketing, with interactive promotional for the best ROI.

10 x 20 Exhibit

A 10 x 20 Exhibit is the most versatile and popular exhibit worldwide at the moment. The raw space is less expensive, since it is a linear configuration, and it can easily showcase product on custom product walls, or offer two distinct presentation spaces, or custom demo area. A 10 x 20 Exhibit not allowed overhead signage, however the 20 feet of linear graphic space allows for a LED screen wall. Some of the best exhibits are using interactive marketing and display technology, and we recommend that your marketing department prepare all facets of visual communications messaging prior to booking a trade show. Your trade show budget for a 10 x 20 exhibit should be around $23,000.

20 x 20 Exhibit

The 20 x 20 Exhibit is probably the most popular and excels at demonstrations, presentation space, and long range visual communications messaging. Showing a larger product, needs for a larger sales floor, and private conference areas would all be reasons to choose the 20 x 20 exhibit space. It offers allowable long range overhead signage, many varieties of configurations, and private enclosure space for meetings. This exhibit will range at the very least $20,000, but we recommend a budget of $30,000.

All of our exhibit quotes above are for custom modular exhibits. If you are looking for an exhibit without modular frames, we can offer quotes that are higher, but the margins are still a fraction of our competitors. As a local Orlando exhibit builder, we offer free shipping and all of our component rental pieces are available without additional handling fees. All savings is passed directly to our clients. For more information, contact our team, rentals@exhibitexperience.com.

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